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Mozel Sanders Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in 1998, that has been feeding the hungry for over 40 years. Last year, the foundation served over 40,000 hot meals on Thanksgiving Day. The Mozel Sanders Foundation gives hope to the hungry and empowers youth & adults in Central Indiana.


Our History

In 1959, Reverend Dr. Mozel Sanders was appointed Pastor of Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis. Dr. Sanders diligently worked to serve the needs of his congregation as well as the surrounding community. As a result of his efforts, he received numerous awards and statewide recognition, such as a housing project and a street renamed in his honor. Dr. Sanders probably became best known for his longstanding desire to feed those in need, thus sparking the creation of the annual “Mozel Sanders Thanksgiving Day Dinner.” This program established his church as a beacon of hope for the urban communities of greater Indianapolis.

After Dr. Mozel Sanders’ passing in 1988, his son, Reverend Roosevelt Sanders, continued his father’s work by answering the call as both Pastor of Mount Vernon and as a servant of the community, which led to the formation of the Mozel Sanders Foundation (MSF). Approximately seven years ago, the Foundation began monthly distributions of approximately 30,000 pounds of groceries, personal hygiene products, and household cleaning supplies to those in need. From its humble beginnings at Mount Vernon, over the past 10 years, the Foundation has grown to include 40 satellite distribution locations consisting of churches, care facilities, and community service centers. To this day, Butler University remains the flagship for food preparation.

Despite our loss in 2010 of another great leader, the late Reverend Roosevelt Sanders, the Foundation has served more than 40,000 hot meals to needy families. Due to the tireless commitment of its CEO and chair, Stephanie Sanders; Executive Director, Bishop Richard Sanders; Directors, Roosevelt Sanders, Jr. and Stephen Sanders; in conjunction with thousands of community partners, MSF continues to preserve its family legacy and mission to feed those in need. Dr. Sanders understood the necessity of providing for the daily practical needs of the people. One main goal is not only to feed the hungry on a monthly basis but to expand services to those in need each and every week. Ultimately, it is the Foundation’s desire to provide additional community services, including, but not limited to, scholarship programs, mentor services, and youth empowerment projects. Due to the cumulative efforts of individual volunteers and corporate sponsors in donating their time, money and talent, MSF has continued to supplement the needs of the less fortunate. In order to further this dream, we ask for your support in assisting the greater Indianapolis community. Your future compassion and kindness are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Mozel Sanders Foundation, Inc.

Upcoming Mozel Sanders Foundation Events


November 9-22, 2019

9:00am – 9:00 pm

Thanksgiving Dinner Order Line Open

November 13, 2019


Annual Press Conference

Mount Vernon Baptist Church

709 N Belmont Ave. Indianapolis IN 46222


November 13-15, 2019


Mozel Sanders Foundation/Radio One Social Mediathon

November 27 - 28, 2019

Wednesday 4:00 pm
Thursday 6:00 pm


Mozel Sanders Foundation Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

This is a great ministry design to feed the hungry and to insure that everyone gets a meal on Thanksgiving, keep up the good fight.


The pastor and members of the New Vision  Baptist Church had the pleasure of serving the Christian Park community on Thanksgiving Day.


Thanks to all the great people who organized this. It was my wife and myself’s first time delivering.  We will definitely be back next year to do it again.  Great Job everyone.


Thank You, Volunteers!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Mozel Sanders Annual Thanksgiving Dinner “Feed The Hungry” event. This is the largest day of feeding for Indianapolis and the Mozel Sanders Foundation (MSF) couldn’t accomplish it without the help from our volunteers. This event was started from the vision of the late Dr. Mozel Sanders and was birthed into a foundation by his son the late Rev. Roosevelt James Sanders. We are blessed to continue the legacy after 40 years.​
To volunteer, please sign up for either the Butler or Friendship locations for Thanksgiving Eve or Thanksgiving Day by clicking on one of the buttons.  We don’t like to turn anyone away so if you show up as a walk-in there is a potential for a long wait.
We still need your help in raising funds to feed those in need, you can donate in several ways.  To learn more click on the donate page.

Additional Resources For Volunteers:

If you have any other questions please email us at mozelsandersindy@gmail.com or call (317) 636-7985. 

Satelitte Locations

Coming Soon

Dear Student,

In 1959, Reverend Dr. Mozel Sanders was appointed pastor of the Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Indianapolis. Reverend Sanders worked diligently to provide for his church and local community. He received much recognition, but he is perhaps best known throughout the state of Indiana for feeding families through the annual Mozel Sanders Thanksgiving Day Dinner.
After Reverend Mozel Sanders’ passing in 1988, his son, Reverend Roosevelt Sanders, formed the Mozel Sanders Foundation (MSF) in order to continue his father’s legacy. The Reverend Roosevelt Sanders departed from this earth in the summer of 2010.
Now, 45 years after the Foundation’s inception, under the leadership of Reverend Roosevelt Sanders’ wife, CEO Stephanie Sanders, the Mozel Sanders tradition continues to grow. Thanks to our leaders, donors, community partners and volunteers, the Thanksgiving Day Dinner event serves more than 40,000+ hot meals from 40+ satellite locations to families across Marion County in Central Indiana. The Reverend Roosevelt Sanders Empowerment Scholarship is another example of the continuation of the beliefs of the late Reverend Dr. Mozel Sanders.
After a brief hiatus, this scholarship program was relaunched in 2008 with the support of the Financial Center Federal Credit Union. Our goal is to inspire students to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams; to empower students to believe in themselves; to succeed beyond their circumstances, and to move forward towards a responsible and prosperous future. This scholarship was created to provide needed financial assistance to local students who are desirous of pursuing a quality education. Without financial assistance, many minority and low-income students would not achieve this goal.
The Reverend Roosevelt Sanders Employment Scholarship program reaches out to teachers, administrators and community leaders who believe the potential of our youth can be released with encouragement, empowerment, and love. Its purpose is to recognize urban youth in our community who have exhibited these qualities and unlock their true potential. To continue this effort, we ask for your assistance in providing student referrals. Applications are awarded to recipients during the annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner. The scholarships were created to provide financial assistance to local students to enable them to achieve their full potential.



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